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How to beat a Freak

Tonight, the San Francisco Giants sent to the mound Tim Lincecum to face an Atlanta Braves offense that has been unstoppable.  Obviously when people talk about Lincecum, they include in the conversation strikeouts and domination.

TL SAD.jpg
Tonight only one of them came true.  Trough the first 3 innings, Tim struck out 7 batters and surrendered just one base per balls.  It all started striking out the two first batters of the game, at that point I said, “Oh no, its gonna be a long night for the Braves”.   

But when Chipper Jones came up to the plate and hit a line drive to left field on a first pitch swing, I started jumping on my seat and screaming, “Thats what you have to do against this guy!!”…. And apparently Terry Pendleton thought so too.  After Chippers hit, McCann and Anderson did the same thing (swinged at the first pitch for a hit) and by that Chipper scored the first run of the ball game.

In the bottom of the third inning, posibly the hottest Brave in the team, Yunel Escobar, hit a towering home run to center field off Lincecum with two men in base.  This blast was the game changer for the Braves because from there on they never looked back again.  And by this giving the Freak 

But the real MVP of the game was a guy called, ummm oh yeah!, Jair Jurrjens!! Tonight he proved why everybody is saying that he is the best pitcher of the Atlanta Braves organization.  He tossed 7 2/3 strong innings allowing just 3 hits, 1 base per balls, 1 ER and struck out 9 batters.  After tonights win against the Giants, Jurrjens is 9-7 with a 2.67 ERA.  Rafael Soriano got his 14th save of the season, in a scary way alowing a run, but he saved it!

Braves 4 Giants 2 

So overall, great game for the Bravos and tonight they showed how you take down a Freak.

What about them Braves????????


The Art of Pitching

Well, you all know how games are really won….. Yeah some say its because of great defense, or maybe great offense…. but do you really know the key to winning games? PITCHING …..

Being a pitcher myself, Ive been in the position many times of having the chance of controlling the outcome of a game.  Yeah yeah, I know that many say that every day cant be a good day, but common, when you are in the mound all you can think about is to have a good game and doing your best. 

Pitchers can decide whether to make a batter hit a ground ball, or a fly ball out, or hey they can strike out whoever they want as long as they trow their best stuff.

Javier Vazquez, Derek Lowe, Jair Jurrjens, Kenshin Kawakami and Tommy Hanson are starting to gain more confidence in themselves as we now see how for the past few games, their starters ERA is one of the best in the league.  Thanks to this, the Braves just find themselves 3 games back from the Colorado Rockies and the first place spot.  If they, (and by that I mean the starting pitchers), can continue with the briliant dominance they have shown till this moment, Im pretty confident that the Braves are going to have a chance to compete for a spot in the playoffs.

What about them Braves???????