Deja vu all over again

If you are a long time fan of the Atlanta Braves, you should probably say “Hey! the Braves are in pretty good shape to win the division again…. whats new?” …

If not, you would probably be saying “THE BRAVES WINNING THE DIVISION?!?!”

For most of us long time fans, being in this position is nothing new for us, but looking at what has happened over the past years, we might be in the same position of the newcomers.

we.jpgIts been way too many years now that we have seen this image in our tvs, computers or everywhere actually …. “THE PHILLS WIN IT AGAIN! ” “THE PHILLIES ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS!”

But all of these years we knew that our time would come back again and the Braves were gonna get their winning team back.

It probably took a little more time than we expected but with the changes made by our GM, this year we can no longer be saying by now “We’ll get them next year!”

We have seen maybe one of the most “moved” seasons ever for the braves with the acquisition of Alex Gonzalez, Rick Ankiel and Derek Lee.

With these moves we can now say that we are real confident that the Braves are going to give us again the feeling of winning a pennant and even maybe more.

We all know that we want to see this image again don’t you think?

I’m pretty sure we don’t mind at all to see our beloved Braves give us another championship, but more important give this man another championship!

 So lets keep rooting for our team, lets keep attending to their games because we are the ignition to their fire, we make them feel the excitement of a playoff run, without us they cannot win, SO LETS GO BRAVES! LETS GO BRAVES! and lets see more of this shall we???



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