Rivalry Renewed

Tonight, the Atlanta Braves will start a 3 game series against the Philadelphia Phillies.  Starting the day, the Phillies had a 4 game lead in the National League East.  With the Braves having a 5 game winning streak, they are the favorites to win the series, but also because they will not have to match against the newest aquisition, Cliff Lee. 

For the series, the Braves will start with Jair Jurrjens, continue with Kenshin Kawakami and finish off strong with Javi Vazquez.


It will all come down at Braves ballpark, Turner Field, where they will face the Champions one more time but with much more at stake.  Sweeping the series, will put the Braves just one game behind the Phillies with many games left in the season, giving them a great chance to gain back what is theirs, the DIVISION! 

Atlanta+Braves+v+Philadelphia+Phillies+gBcaRtlW0Kpl.jpgThe main reason the Braves have been sooo good lately is because of Chipper Jones.  He has come to his sences and he has taken the Captain role of the team by not only making his best every game but by making everybody do their best every game. 

ryan_howard333-729953.jpgPerhaps, the most powerful weapond that the Phillies posses is their first baseman Ryan Howard. As long as the Braves do what they have done until now with him, their chances of winnning the series will just increment. 

So lets hope that the Braves offense and pitching continue to attack during this series so that we can gain some ground on both the Phillies and the Rockies wich are the leading team in the Wild Card right now.

But for us to do that, the Marlins need to stop winning so lets start rooting for the teams they are playing!!!! So exept for this weekend that they are playing the Rockies, I will be rooting for the Astros that will play them for a 3 game series before the Marlins come to Atlanta where they will meet a potent team in the Braves and hopefully they will be either first place in the Division or in the Wild Card!!!

What about them Braves?????????



  1. thatbaseballguy

    This is gonna be a key series for the Braves. The Phils have the lead in the East but the Braves could prove to be spoilers. They definitely have the team for it. But can they pull it off against the powerful Phils.

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