Another great performance by Vazquez

After tonights performance, Javy Vazquez added another great outing to his resume.  He went 7 strong innings striking out 9 batters, giving 3 base on balls and allowing 4 runs.  Before tonights game, his ERA and total strike outs were in the top of the list of the National League.  After tonights game, his ERA was raised to just 2.98, wich I really think its still very very good.  But maybe the most amazing thing from tonights game, was when Javy struck out Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder for the 4th time in the game, with the tying run on third. 

vazquez.jpgJavier Vazquez is really living for his expectations as he continues to dominate and to give the Braves a chance to win important games.  After his performance in the WBC playing for team Puerto Rico, he really took that confidence he gained in the tournament and used it to just play great for the Atlanta Braves.  Good job Javy and just keep it up so that the team could continue to have chanches to be contenders for the playoffs.


Also, Chipper Jones went 3-4 with 2 runs, 1 RBI and 2 base on balls.  Like I have said before, Chipper Jones needs to get it going like now because he is the captain of the team and everybody always is looking up to him and when he doesnt come through, you can see how the intensity of the rest of the players goes down.  So also great job today Chipper and we are hoping you can keep it up and take us to the PLAYOFFS!!

Braves 8 Brewers 4

What about them Braves??????????


One comment

  1. raysfanboy

    Fielder is on my fantasy team. That did not help me out. I think Vasquez is one of the most underrated pitchers out there. The Braves should hang on to him and make him a big part of their immediate future. Him, Jurrjens, Hanson. NOt a bad 1-3.

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