Errors, errors, errors

If not batting against Barry Zito, one of the most inconsistent pitchers in the league, wasnt enough, the Atlanta Braves just killed themselves by making 2 errors in the top of the 8th inning. 


Peter Moyland with runners on second and first, no outs and Juan Uribe trying to move the runners up by bunting the ball, couldnt handle the trow to first base and Nate Schierholtz scored on the trow from second base.  From there on it all went downhill fro the Braves, with another error by the new Brave Ryan Church, the Braves found themselves loosing a very winnable game.

After todays loss, the Braves now need to concentrate not loosing anymore “easy” games because if they do they will just take themselves out of playoff contention.


The most important player that needs to get in the “hot zone” is Chipper Jones.  Right now there are 4 to 5 player that one could say that are in that zone but if Chipper doesnt add himself to that group, the road to the playoffs will be a very long long trip.





  1. raysfanboy

    Man, everywhere I go Buehrle is there waiting for me! I need a baseball vacation! I saw Church misplay a liner to right the other day too. I don’t know how well that trade is working out for you guys considering that Francoeur has already driven in a few runs and knocked a dinger. I understand your frustration, though, in seeing your guys play like they don’t know what they are doing.

  2. JD

    ah no but dont worry Church is just fine, I mean he also has a dinger and a couple of more RBIs so hes doing just fine plus his defense is as good as Francoeurs so yeah everything is working out fine

  3. JD

    oh yeah but dont worry I mean Church is doing well too, he has 1 hr and a couple of more rbis so everything is just fine plus his defense is as good as Frenchys so Im guessing its all going to get better

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